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Submitted by yvonne on Thu, 05/04/2023 - 12:54

Groundbreaking barriers report published by lived experience forum

Oxford, 4th May, 2023

Barriers to housing report cover

A study by Oxfordshire’s trailblazer forum for those with lived experience of homelessness is now published. The 16-page LEAF report explains key barriers for those who could benefit from soon moving out beyond the city.

Such evidence-based research had not been done in the past. It could only go ahead with help from Oxfordshire Homeless Movement (OHM). A spokesperson explained:

“Housing as many people as we can is key in fighting homelessness. The resources to do this are limited. All potential barriers need to be found and understood. How else can we make the system as effective as possible?”

A staff member at LEAF said:LEAF

“It is hoped the material will be a useful resource for those involved with planning. But we do need safeguards against misinterpretation. The questionnaire, and the way it was used, while being thorough, would need more work to draw out any definitive conclusions.

“What does open up is avenues for more in-depth research. One example would be the link between financial and social factors. Another would be how much previous bad experience of the private rental market has sapped the confidence of participants to the extent that housing without support is considered unthinkable.

“Above all the study shows the distinctive voice of our homeless population. LEAF sensed that the housing aspirations and support needs of the homeless needed hearing, and the discoveries from this study bear this out.”

The Steering Group behind the report went on record to say they will try to use the findings and recommendations when improving on service provision. Citing Oxford City Council’s website1, a spokesperson today underlined just how crucial this report is at a time when the challenge in ending homelessness is still far from in sight: “In Oxfordshire the recent cuts include more than £2 million a year in countywide housing support for single people experiencing homelessness.”

About LEAF

LEAF is an independent group run by and for people with lived experience of being vulnerably housed, homelessness and connecting issues. This is to ensure that the valuable input of Experts through Experience is included across Oxfordshire within commissioning, service planning, policy change, decision-making and service evaluation within services.

About OHM

OHM brings together everyone addressing homelessness in the county, working together to ensure nobody should have to sleep rough on the streets of Oxfordshire.

LEAF Press Contact

Email: Phone: 07436 883 922

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