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Oxfordshire Rough Sleeping Charter


Our vision is to ensure that nobody has to sleep rough on the streets of Oxfordshire.


This charter sets out our guiding principles for helping people who sleep rough in Oxfordshire and anyone who is at risk of street homelessness:


We will work constructively together to increase public awareness and understanding of rough sleeping, to generate funding and commitment in kind, and to find and deliver effective, lasting solutions to end rough sleeping in Oxfordshire.

  • Rough sleeping causes significant harm to physical and mental health, and people are safer off the streets
  • Prevention is always better than cure. Every opportunity should be taken to prevent people from sleeping rough
  • The best way to help rough sleepers is to provide the accommodation and support they need to help them off the streets, to rebuild their lives, and to prevent a return to street homelessness
  • People who are rough sleeping should have the same opportunity to access information, work, training, volunteering, leisure and creative activities as the rest of Oxfordshire's community
  • People with lived experience of homelessness should have a voice and a say in finding the answers to their own issues, to rough sleeping, and in the wider world
  • Everyone can do something to help end rough sleeping–this includes individuals as well as organisations. We are stronger together, and will deliver joined-up services to help realise our vision
  • We will listen to and treat with respect all those who share our vision to ensure that nobody has to sleep rough on the streets of Oxfordshire


We believe that everybody has a responsibility to help end rough sleeping. We call on the public sector, charities, faith and community groups, businesses and individuals to join with the partnership to:


  • Adopt the vision and values of this charter
  • Work with us to ensure that nobody has to sleep rough in Oxfordshire

If you would like to adopt our vision and values and make a commitment to help end rough sleeping in Oxfordshire, whether you are an individual or an organisation, please sign the charter.

If signing on behalf of an organisation please put your name and your organisation's name into the 'Full Name' box.

Looking for suggestions about how to get involved? Then check out our examples of Making a pledge.

Sign the Charter

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