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CEO Sleepout Oxford 2023




Sleep beneath the stars at University College
and you could change somebody's life.


As part of World Homeless Day, OHM is raising awareness of the realities of homelessness with a sleepout.


Could you brave a night beneath the stars in aid of an incredible cause?


This year, Univ will host Oxfordshire’s business and academic leaders for an unforgettable night at the national #CEOSleepout in Oxford city!

We aren't pretending this will mean people understand what it is like to sleep outside day after day,
but it will give an insight into what people must endure.

Together we'll raise much needed funds to help OHM support local people in need.



When and where?

Thursday 12th October 2023 
at University College Sports Ground, Oxford, OX1 4SR.



How do I get involved?

We ask all compassionate local business leaders,
business owners, senior execs and academics to join us for an unforgettable night,
united to fight homelessness in our county. All you need is a big heart and a sleeping bag.




You'll join people who care about our local communities, all raising money via sponsorship or donation.

Money you raise really does change lives: with core running cost paid for by a private donor, every penny OHM receives from #CEOSleepout will fund a frontline project.

On the big night, you’ll hear from people who have lived through, and overcome homelessness, and what help is available through the work of OHM; and you'll hear from Angela Unsworth of Univ, about her experience of employing people at risk.

Together we will unlock a deeper understanding—and raise big money for the fight.





2022 in pictures:


Individuals taking part in the CEO sleepout in front of Christ Church collegephotos of the event


Last updated May 2023. Photos from the CEO Sleepout 2022.