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Make a pledge

Many Oxfordshire-based organisations are very concerned about homelessness in our county. Your organisation is probably one of them – but perhaps you're not sure what to do about it.  

It’s a surprisingly short step from being concerned to taking action, we can help guide your business across the gap.

From this website you can find out how to take action, now. Everyone can help out, because the skills we’re looking for are as diverse as humanity itself. Practical, creative, hands-on, hands-off - whatever your organisation has to offer, it can make someone’s life a little bit better.

Join the Movement and make a pledge...

Here are some suggested actions your organisation can take now:


  • Give your time, expertise and ideas to our partner charities who need your support. This could be as a volunteer with a partner charity or through sharing your skills. Read more about Employee Volunteering on the OCVA website
  • Increase your organisation's awareness of homelessness in Oxfordshire. Please get in touch if you would like OHM to come and talk to your business about homelessness to raise your understanding



  • Sign the OHM Charter on behalf of your organisation to show your support for our campaigns and events and get in touch with your pledge(s)
  • Follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page, subscribe to receive updates from the Movement
  • Download our poster and flyers to distribute around your workplace 
  • Commit to making Oxfordshire a fairer and more inclusive place to live and work:
    • recruit inclusively
    • improve training and educational opportunities
    • support people furthest from the labour market on their journey towards secure employment
    • procure services to support the local economy
    • look to maximize social value and
    • ensure employees have a fair and decent wage—see The Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership for more details, and sign their charter too!
  • See also I want to help as a business or organisation

Don't let us limit your imagination! If you have an idea get in touch.