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Submitted by yvonne on Mon, 07/17/2023 - 10:41

New guidance issued to homeless community for very hot weather

Oxford, 17th July, 2023

Water jug and glasses with lemon. Photo by Julia Zolotova on UnsplashNew guidance has now been issued to Oxfordshire’s homeless community for dealing with very hot weather. The guidance comes after UK temperatures reached 40+0C for the first recorded time in 2022.

Oxford City Council has come forward with details on where free public water points can be found, and how the SWEP alert system will work for hot weather in the city; Homeless Link have updated their own SWEP guidance; and central government have issued their own advice.

OHM have pulled this together in one place. Learn more about dealing with any very hot weather this summer, or browse our other resources under I need help.