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OHM Chair Supports Crisis UK's Campaign

From 23rd February, 2024

Tell your MP: none of us should be criminalised for being homelessRough Sleeping is clearly not desirable, but a Criminal Offence? Surely not by any stretch of the imagination?

The Criminal Justice Bill is a new piece of legislation being introduced by the UK Government with, amongst other things, the powers to fine up to £2,500 or even imprison rough sleepers. Our partner Crisis is running a campaign asking people to email their MP to vote against this measure, and we at OHM are pleased to support this campaign and to ask our supporters to do likewise please.

Jane Cranston has written today to all OHM partners and supporters. She is calling for support for the Crisis campaign. The campaign opposes the proposed new Criminal Justice Bill.

In her message, Jane said:

"At OHM we try not to be political. Our aim is to unite the many agencies, including our local government, involved in working to support and alleviate, but most importantly to prevent, homelessness. We work to encourage partnership amongst agencies and understanding and compassion for those who find themselves in hopeless situations, so very often through no fault of their own. Rough Sleeping is clearly not desirable, but a Criminal Offence? Surely not by any stretch of the imagination?"

To find out more and to support the campaign, please use the following link:

Find out more and support this campaign

The Criminal Justice Bill and homelessness (

We thank you for your ongoing support of all we do at OHM and we hope you will feel able to support this campaign.