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Crisis Skylight Oxford

Crisis Skylight

Crisis Skylight Oxford: Doesn't provide shelter Doesn't provide shelter
Crisis Skylight Oxford: Provides guidance Provides guidance
Crisis Skylight Oxford: Provides new skill learning Provides new skill learning
Crisis Skylight Oxford: Accepts time Accepts time
Crisis Skylight Oxford: Doesn't accept things Doesn't accept things
Crisis Skylight Oxford: Accepts money Accepts money

Contact Details

Crisis Skylight Oxford Address: Old Fire Station, 40 George St, Oxford  - OX1 1UL
Old Fire Station, 40 George St, Oxford
Crisis Skylight Oxford Phone Number: 01865 263 900
01865 263 900

Service Type

Help into employment and housing

Operating Hours

9am-5pm, Mon-Fri

Eligibility & Referral

Their preference is to talk directly to the person who needs their support, either by phone or by arranging a time for someone to come to their building.

Service Description

Crisis Skylight Oxford is OPEN for new referrals.

New members can normally sign up on site Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, call 01865 263900, or by emailing

Crisis Skylight Oxford are a service for people who are currently homeless or worried about becoming homeless.

They support people to end their homelessness by working to a model of change. This aims to put as many people as possible in a position where they can access housing, financial security, social networks and achieve the best health.

Most of the service is offered in their Old Fire Station building but they can also work remotely with people and meet outside of their building as needed.

Their service offers 1:1 practical and emotional support with one of their staff team. They also offer a range of workshops and small group work based on art, learning, employment and well being support.

Key functions & activities offered

They offer one to one support from a team of coaches who can support you in many ways including:

  • Help you find training and education
  • Give you advice about debts, benefits and budgeting
  • Support you in finding and keeping a job
  • Give you housing advice and help with finding and keeping a home
  • Help you find the right support for your mental health needs
  • Help you find volunteering work
  • Link you to financial grants.

They also offer a timetable of classes and sessions including:

  • Computer drop-in sessions where tutors can help you learn computer skills and apply for online benefits.
  • Reading, writing and everyday maths and computer classes to help you get qualifications and get ready for work
  • Cooking, carpentry and how to build a house, to learn new skills and meet people
  • Wellbeing classes to help you relax and feel stronger - physically and mentally
  • Creative, performing and visual arts classes and project for you to get involved in