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Mindful Refuge

Meditation group for Oxford’s homeless sector

Mindful Refuge: Doesn't provide shelter Doesn't provide shelter
Mindful Refuge: Doesn't provide guidance Doesn't provide guidance
Mindful Refuge: Provides new skill learning Provides new skill learning
Mindful Refuge: Doesn't accept time Doesn't accept time
Mindful Refuge: Accepts things Accepts things
Mindful Refuge: Doesn't accept money Doesn't accept money

Contact Details

Mindful Refuge Phone Number: 07446 833438
07446 833438

Service Type

Positive activities

Funding Status

Volunteer-led project working on a dāna basis, handling no funds

Operating Hours

7.30pm on a week night - email or phone for details

Eligibility & Referral

If you’re reading this website and you are over 18, you are very likely eligible. Referrals are taken from Prison Phoenix Trust, LEAF, AA and elsewhere

Service Description

You stay in control. Develop a new life skill. Find peers. Tell the group what you’ve learned. Get peace alone. Find more calm in your life. Take your time. Join them any week. "Small changes lead to wonderful things."

Group motto: “It’s your meditation practice. Do what’s best for you.”

This project launched with a pilot at the library in the Westgate in June 2022.

It is now an official supporter of LEAF.

Its main activity is a regular group, 7.30pm on a week night. Email or phone for the details.

Light refreshments, a bit of community, meet new people and meditate together for wellbeing. Free of charge in central Oxford. For beginners they offer an intro. There’s also time to ask questions about meditation and find out how to improve.

Non-sectarian. Welcoming people of any religion or no religion. Open to spiritual conversation. More details on their website.

(Friends with The Prison Phoenix Trust.)

It is common advice to say "consult with a medical professional before undertaking meditation".

Key functions & activities offered

These are the 4 main free resources from this project

  • a free weekly group in a quieter part of central Oxford
  • expert online guide for how to meditate
  • log-in web page with high-quality recorded, guided meditations 
  • free cushions so those who are housed can practice at home 

Tailored support is also available. Build your personal meditation "gym reps" plan with the goal of greater wellbeing.

Meditation Cushion Campaign

With about £50 you could buy a meditation cushion, or "zafu". You supply the cushion, and the volunteers will make sure it gets to a person in Oxford city previously affected by the homelessness issue who wants to meditate at home. If they can't do this right away, they will use it at the weekly group until the opportunity arises. (Two cushions given so far.)

LEAF link

Occasional mini meditations at LEAF meetings.

Sector networking / future plans

The project is interested in how we encourage ongoing "formal mindfulness" practice for wellbeing in the ways experts like Jon Kabat-Zinn have always made clear are essential to unlock the full health benefits of mindfulness. Can the 'gym reps' model be used in other settings? Are there other creative things we can do?