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Contact Details

Oxford Hub Address: 36 Little Clarendon Street - OX1 2HU
36 Little Clarendon Street
Oxford Hub Phone Number: 07510 699133
07510 699133

Service Type

Opportunities and support to connect with the local community and campaign for change

Funding Status

Independently funding, including some grants from Oxford City Council

Operating Hours

9am-5pm, Mon-Fri

Eligibility & Referral

Anyone aged over 16 can refer themselves for support from FELLOW, Parent Power and Schools Plus. To volunteer on their programmes or ask about support from other programmes, please get in touch!

Service Description

They are working to build a more equal, resilient and connected Oxford. They run volunteering programmes and collaborative projects that support people to thrive, participate in their community, and bring about systemic change.

Key functions & activities offered

  • FELLOW: free one-to-one English language learning support
  • Parent Power: parents supporting each other to lead their best lives and achieve their goals for themselves and their families
  • Schools Plus: free tutoring for local children to help them fulfil their academic potential
  • Ready Set Go: support to get a bike or learn to cycle for Blackbird Leys residents
  • Volunteering opportunities include supporting neighbours with practical tasks, tutoring local children, supporting local residents with English language learning