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Housing Opportunities Made Easy (HOME)

© Elena Mozhvilo, courtesy UnsplashCalled HOME, and based in Oxford city, Aspire’s social lettings pilot project helps create safe and affordable connections between those in need with restricted means, and private ethical landlords.

The issue

Finding safe, warm, comfortable and affordable housing is increasingly difficult as we exit the pandemic and get to grips with a downturn. The additional major stress of not having a place to call home severely impacts on an individual's ability to address all of life’s other challenges.           

The solution

Aspire’s pioneering ‘HOME’ pilot helps alleviate this additional stress. It does this through providing a vital service to those who struggle to find housing on their own.

Next steps

  • If you need help to find housing, please complete the referral form
  • If you’re a landlord, find out more about this great new project by contacting Alison Letts at Aspire
  • If you would like to talk to OHM about this project please email