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Submitted by yvonne on Wed, 11/22/2023 - 12:31

Sleepout for Oxford CEOs a Huge Success

Oxford, 22nd November, 2023

The Oxford CEO Sleepout event raised a whopping £75,000 this year. The October fundraiser took place at University College sports ground. Close to 50 business, academic and community leaders took part. Together they raised £25k more than their group target. All the donations now go directly to front-line projects.

More than 40 guests at CEO sleepout 2023

One project that now has funds for another year is LEAF, which puts service designers in front of those who know about being homeless. They're working in many areas including making end-of-life care better for homeless people. They're also increasing the support provided to women, increasing healthcare access, and enhancing the way housing projects are run. 

To see where else the money from this event will go and where OHM spends all donations received, please visit our impact pages.

This event also allowed non-profit company Aspire Oxfordshire to raise over £10,000 for their work in housing and employment. Local charity Response will get over £1,500 towards their work. This is with adults with serious mental illness and complex needs.

The event enjoyed a mix of speakers and guests. Prison service staff to entrepreneurs, directors to those formerly homeless all took part. This means they got a teeny glimpse of what those experiencing homelessness endure every night. OHM, the charity behind the event, hopes to repeat its success in 2024. Everyone from the Oxfordshire community is encouraged to join in. CEO status is not essential!

Congratulations CEO Sleepout Oxford. You raised more than £76,500 to change lives of local people facing hardship and homelessness. Graphic with photo of gathered participants behind the words.

OHM Chair, Jane Cranston said: “This event is vital to spread the word about local homelessness. Oxfordshire needs a good social structure and to help all its people. We are showing how great networking and strong partnerships can help to do this. #CEOSleepoutOxford is an event to rally behind every year."

To find out how to get involved in next year's event, pencilled in for Thursday 10th October 2024, get in touch with our Project Director Yvonne:

Every penny raised is used to help people who are experiencing homelessness across the county. In the run up to Christmas, it's not too late to give. The gift of a repeat donation helps continue our work. Just sign up as an annual or monthly donor on our online fundraising platform.

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Notes to editors

Oxfordshire Homeless Movement (OHM) is a charity linking together the many organisations helping those who are homeless in Oxfordshire. They work to ensure that “nobody should have to sleep rough on our streets”.

CEO Sleepout is a national charity set up to inspire the business community to unite to fight homelessness; raising money for frontline services, helping to change lives. #CEOSleepout #CEOSleepout2023