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Submitted by yvonne on Tue, 04/25/2023 - 12:38

Lived Experience forum publishes first Quarterly Report

Oxford, 25th April, 2023


The Lived Experience Advisory Forum—LEAF—has published its first Quarterly Report. Highlights include a growth in participant numbers, a greater sense of wellbeing among attendees, a focus group with staff at Bullingdon Prison, networking and wellness events, research into healthcare inequalities and more.

“[W]hile I had only attended a few sessions, I’d learned a lot from each one, and I look forward to engaging with LEAF in the future.” - a recent participant.

LEAF has also been working with many organisations in Oxfordshire and nationally to co-produce more human-focused services, and to break down barriers for easier engagement for the service user to seek the support they need to fulfil their own goals in life. Future plans include the design of a consultancy service in partnership with Aspire and many other projects.

To download a PDF of the full report, and to learn more about LEAF, see below.

LEAF Press Contact


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