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Submitted by yvonne on Thu, 04/20/2023 - 10:52

OHM promotes call for more support of those furthest from the labour market

Oxford, 20th April, 2023

Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership

OHM is promoting The Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership—OIEP—in its call for greater fairness in Oxfordshire's labour market.

From education to employment and procurement and placemaking OIEP carries wide-ranging objectives. Key to their work is encouraging businesses, community groups and the education sector to come forward and showcase how they are already inclusive employers. OIEP also seek commitment from employers to do more to make Oxfordshire an ever more inclusive place to live and work.

One of the ways employers can do this is through signing up to the OIEP Charter. Signees can tailor their pledges to suit their work contexts, and commit to them for a year at a time. This then demonstrates to the wider public just how much they care about a more inclusive county.

Examples of pledge options include buying from the local economy, hiring from diverse communities, and—in moves with potential impact on the local homeless sector—creation of work opportunity for those furthest from the labour market while also offering a decent living wage.

A graphic showing pledges. For details see the links at the foot of the news release.

Yvonne Pinner, Project Manager for OHM said, “Fair wages, procurement from local and social enterprises, and inclusive recruitment are things OHM, and its partners like Aspire, have been encouraging for some time. But with the OIEP Charter, local businesses and organisations now have a robust system for clearly stating what their active pledges are regarding measures like these. What's more, this puts the efforts of local employers on the national radar as Oxfordshire seeks to position itself as not just a leading economy, but as a fair one despite its very notable hidden poverty.

“For those who want to find out more about what is involved in individual pledges, OIEP make this easy, and since they're a project funded by all of Oxfordshire's Local Authorities, they have the pulling power to bring local government, businesses, the education sector, and community groups together to effect some lasting change in these important ways.”

Manager of the OIEP project Emma Coles added, “This is about amplifying work already being undertaken by local businesses and groups, but it's also about extending that work, proving the work, and showcasing where change is effective.

“Actively supporting inclusivity across Oxfordshire's economy will generate real benefits for your organisation. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors are increasingly being considered by employees, customers, funders, investors, and partners. Participating in the work of the Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership, through the pledges you make within this Charter, provides a way of demonstrating your commitment to social issues.

“Promoting your role in Oxfordshire's inclusive economy work will help you to attract people to work with you. Accessing the widest pool of talent will support growth and productivity within your company or organisation. Purchasing from local suppliers and supporting your staff to undertake volunteering activities within the community will contribute to well-being and a sense of loyalty among your employees, differentiating your organisation from competitors.

“We hope many will join us in our drive to get Oxfordshire into shape as an increasingly more inclusive economy for the benefit of everyone.”

Businesses and community groups in Oxfordshire can sign the OIEP Charter online, or contact OIEP directly to find out more about additional ways the partnership can work.

OIEP Press Contact

Emma Coles (she/her), Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership (OIEP) Manager, Tel: 01865 252097, Email:

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