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Submitted by yvonne on Tue, 09/05/2023 - 09:35

CEO Sleepout Oxford: Businesses to Show They Care

Oxford, 5th September, 2023

CEO Sleepout 2023 Sleep beneath the stars and you could change somebody's life. Moon and stars background. Warm-feeling writing.OHM raised £25,000 in its CEO Sleepout event last year and is hoping to double the amount. Currently there are over 30 businesses who will show how much they care about homelessness in Oxfordshire. With only 6 weeks left before the event, charity OHM says it needs your help.

OHM Project Director, Yvonne Pinner, who will be taking part, explains: “There's no time to lose because a harsh winter is coming and there's now only 6 weeks until the event. This is a brilliant way to help the homelessness cause locally. We are not pretending that sleeping out will mean people understand what it is like to be homeless, not at all. But it gives an opportunity to get a tiny glimpse of what people have to endure. You can empathise, learn, network and show this city, your county and your stakeholders that your business cares about homelessness and that you want to help. Please get signed up today!”

Attendees will share camaraderie under the stars, learn from those with lived experience of homelessness, hear from the Domestic Bursar of University College and other speakers and even enjoy a welcome breakfast in the morning. According to the national campaign, all that’s required to attend is ‘a sleeping bag and a big heart and a willingness to raise or donate £1,000’.

OHM Chair, Jane Cranston will also be joining. “Let’s get the word out and raise the flag for networking and partnership. 'Nobody should have to sleep rough on the streets of Oxfordshire.' That's our motto. Doing the Sleepout shows the world you agree.”

CEO status is not essential for the event: participants can be c-suite executives, managers and teams from local businesses. Every penny raised will be used to help people who are homeless across Oxfordshire and sign-up online is easy.

Notes to editors

Oxfordshire Homeless Movement—OHM—is a charity linking together the many organisations helping those who are homeless in Oxfordshire. They work to ensure that “nobody should have to sleep rough on our streets”.


CEO Sleepout is a national charity set up to inspire the business community to unite to fight homelessness; raising money for frontline services, helping to change lives. #CEOSleepout #CEOSleepout2023