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How to help someone rough sleeping in Oxfordshire

Sadly there is not always an immediate offer of accommodation available for people who are rough sleeping, but there are some key things that people can do to help. 

Help them get shelter

Advise the person to contact the Outreach service directly. In Oxford, call OxSPOT on 07590 862 049 and outside the city call Connection Floating Support on 01865 711 267. They can also send an alert to StreetLink. The team will offer advice and help people to explore their options for accommodation.

Report a concern

If you are worried about someone sleeping rough, contact the appropriate Outreach service on someone's behalf. In Oxford, call OxSPOT on 07590 862 049. Outside the city, call Connection Floating Support on 01865 711 267. You can also send an alert to StreetLink. If you see someone that needs urgent medical attention please dial 999.

Be human

Stop and have a conversation, checking of course that the person wants to chat. Talking and offering a listening ear is an important way to show that you care. 

Think before you act

You can offer cash, food or other supplies, but you could also: 

  • Use the "I need help" section of our website to see what is available and offer them advice, including where they can go and get some nutritious food using local daily services.
  • Ask a nearby café if you can “pay it forward”, buying things for the person to collect.

Support local

Donate food to your local food bank, as they are helping more people than ever access food services in Oxfordshire.

Give what you can

Consider supporting your local homelessness service with a donation of things, money or time. These organisations know what is needed the most and where.

Get involved

If you want to offer your time, then lots of our partner organisation would love to here from you, so please take a look at our section on I want to volunteer