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Daily Services


For non-food amenities, see below the table.

Timetable for food
Columns for time of day, and rows for days of the week.
MONDAY Oxford Companions 8am

The Porch (Oxford) 8.15-10.30am
The Porch (Oxford) 12-1.30pm ACT (Oxford) 6.30-8.30pm

Oxford Companions 6pm

The Gatehouse (Oxford) 5-7.00pm
TUESDAY Oxford Companions 8am

Salvation Army (Banbury) 10.30am-12pm

The Porch (Oxford) 8.15-10.30am
The Porch (Oxford) 12-1.30pm Botley Bikers (Oxford) 4.30-5.30pm St Giles nr Taylors—first Tuesday of the month only

The Gatehouse (Oxford) 5-7.00pm
WEDNESDAY Oxford Companions 8am

St Ebbe’s Open Door Breakfast Club (Oxford) 7.30-9am 

The Porch (Oxford) 8.15-10.30am
Ma Smith’s (Oxford) 12pm

The Porch (Oxford) 12-1.30pm
Oxford Companions 6pm

Oxford Homeless Project (Oxford) 5-6.30pm (Alternate Wednesdays)

The Gatehouse (Oxford) 5-7.00pm
THURSDAY Oxford Companions 8am

The Porch (Oxford) 8.15-10.30am
The Porch (Oxford) 12-1.30pm Botley Bikers (Oxford) 4.15-5.15pm Bonn Square; Queen St; Cornmarket; St Giles

The Gatehouse (Oxford) 5-7.00pm
FRIDAY Oxford Companions 8am

Salvation Army (Banbury) 10.30am-12pm

The Porch (Oxford) 8.15-10.30am
The Porch (Oxford) 12-1.30pm Oxford Companions 6pm

The Gatehouse (Oxford) 5-7.00pm
SATURDAY   Oxford Companions of the Order of Malta 12-1.30pm  
SUNDAY   ACT (Oxford) 2pm–first Sun of each month only

Botley Bikers (Oxford) 3.15-4.15pm Bonn Square; Queen St; Cornmarket; St Giles
The Gatehouse (Oxford) 4-6.00pm


More food options:


Daily Services: all practical amenities

This doesn't include all services—only those to do with things like showers, bedding and clothing. These may be available at more, or different, times from food provision.

See also I need help with the cost of living

These providers do not offer accommodation (except ACT), but can often make referrals to places that do. If a provider interests you, see the links to full information.

A print-friendly PDF version—with brief descriptions and full opening times—is available for these daily services. But please keep in mind that information can go out of date quickly. Always check our website for the latest.

Oxford City:


40 Pembroke Street, Oxford OX1 1BP  l 01865 254 800

Mon 6.30-8.30pm; first Sunday of every month 2.00pm

Hot meal, tea/coffee l Additional services offered

Food for Charities - Botley Bikers

07759 135811

Thu 4.15-5.15pm; Sun 3.15-4.15pm; first Tuesday of every month 4.30-5.30pm

Healthy food, toiletries, clothing offered—for locations see the table above

Oxford Community Soup Kitchen—Ma Smith’s

Asian Cultural Centre, Manzil Way, Oxford, OX4 1GH

Weds 12 noon

Sit-down meals every Wednesday l Clean dry clothes may also be available

Oxford Companions of the Order of Malta

For location, see The Gatehouse

Sat 12-1.30pm drop-in.
City centre food distribution 8am Mon-Fri and 6pm on Mon, Weds and Fri only.

Drop-in hot and cold sandwiches and drinks/ showers/ clothing Saturdays at St Giles Parish Hall | On-street food distribution city centre week-day mornings and evenings

Oxford Homeless Project—Asian Cultural Centre

Asian Cultural Centre, Manzil Way, OX4 1GH | 07888 659924

Alternate Wednesdays 5-6.30pm

Wholesome meals open to all with no questions asked

Route 8 Barber Shop

Botley Road Retail Park, Botley Road, Oxford, OX2 0HY | Website 

Free cuts for homeless friends in the Botley and Oxford areas during normal opening hours

St Ebbe’s Open Door Breakfast Club

2 Roger Bacon Lane, OX1 1QE | 01865 240438

Weds 7.30-9am

Warm shelter and a free cooked breakfast to any experiencing homelessness in Oxford. Just turn up.

The Gatehouse

St Giles, 10 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HT  l  01865 792 999

Mon-Fri 5-7.00pm, Sun 4-6.00pm

Takeaway meals or hot meals every day except Saturday l  For showers, see below  l  Computer access Wed-Fri  l  Clothes Mon and Thurs (unless emergency, Wed-Fri)  l  Casework (1:1 support on a range of emotional and practical needs)   l  Counselling  l  Women Only Services Thurs

Showers at The Gatehouse:

First come, first served. Booking required. Email or call the office, or speak to Mair or a project worker when The Gatehouse is open. Sessions last 30 mins and towels and toiletries will be supplied. You will be given an appointment card. Please arrive on time, but not early. If you have any physical ill health symptoms, please do not enter the project as it puts others at risk

Sundays 2.30-6pm (5 slots)
Mondays 3.30-7pm (5 slots)
Tuesdays 2-4pm (women only), then 4.30-7pm (4 slots)
Thursdays 3.30-6.15pm (4 slots)

Women Only Safe Space (18+) at The Gatehouse:

Women's Only Space meets Tuesdays 2-4pm, staff depending. Meet like minded women, chat and develop activities. Showers, clothing, toiletries, hygiene products provided. Caseworker will be on site to offer support and we can refer to our in-house counsellor if required.

The Porch Day Centre

139 Magdalen Road, Oxford, OX4 1RL  l  01865 251 798 including Bank Holidays and Christmas Day

Weekdays at The Porch:

Mon-Fri 8.15-11.30am inc. breakfast until 10.30am, laundry, phone, internet, shower, clothes, library, space to get rest, 1:1 support

11.30am-2pm with amenities as above, and lunch until 1.30pm

2-3.30pm by appointment for 1:1 support; planned, structured group activities; and one or two amenities (laundry, shower, clothing)

Links to other services

Turning Point - Vintage Refresh Cafe

131 Cowley Road, Oxford, City, OX4 1HU 01865 261690

Homeless Breakfast Club (is not running presently). Contact the cafe for dates. Free hot drinks, bacon or sausage baps, toast or cereal. Wellbeing check-in, multi-agency referrals, harm reduction, advice and information

Vintage Refresh Cafe also run Community Afternoon Teas, 1st & 3rd Fridays, 2-4pm; takeaway afternoon teas delivered by arrangement Weds, Thur, Fri. Young adults (18-25) can access a drop-in Saturdays fortnightly 1.30-3pm. Come and chat about drugs and alcohol. Non-judgemental, confidential, free space for advice and support. Open to all. Advice on drugs, alcohol use, having fun and staying safe.

Across Oxfordshire:

Banbury Beacon

St. Mary's Centre, Horsefair, Banbury, OX16 0AA

Mon-Wed 10am-12pm

Snacks | Links to other services

Salvation Army – Banbury

66 George Street, Banbury OX16 5BH  l  01295 262449

Tues and Fri 10.30am-12 noon

Food parcels, clothes and bedding


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