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Somewhere Safe to Stay

St Mungo's


Somewhere Safe to Stay: Provides shelter Provides shelter
Somewhere Safe to Stay: Provides guidance Provides guidance
Somewhere Safe to Stay: Provides new skill learning Provides new skill learning
Somewhere Safe to Stay: Accepts time Accepts time
Somewhere Safe to Stay: Accepts things Accepts things
Somewhere Safe to Stay: Accepts money Accepts money

Service Type

Assessment centre / Supported accommodation

Operating Hours

Under review

Eligibility & Referral

See 'Service description'

Service Description

Somewhere Safe to Stay (SStS) Oxford is under review. The service is running from O'Hanlon House and referrals are back open. Referring partners are all Oxfordshire Local Authorities and Outreach Teams. 

(Somewhere Safe to Stay (SStS) Oxford, provides short-term accommodation to people who are new to rough sleeping or individuals who are at immediate risk of rough sleeping.)


Key functions & activities offered

The Outreach Manager Karen.Wilkins@MUNGOS.ORG can be contacted for up-to-date information on where to find the team.

The services on offer (under review) include:

  • Those who access the service are assessed and provided with a move-on option, which is a Single Service Offer that best meets their individual needs
  • Single Service Offers include: reconnection, supporting people into private rented accommodation, moving in with family and/or accessing the Adult Homeless Pathway in Oxford
  • (Temporary / short term bed spaces, staffed 24/7)