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Submitted by yvonne on Mon, 11/20/2023 - 09:27

“Housing Associations Can Help Individuals Have Safe Place to Live” Say CHI in Oxford Story.

Oxford, 20th November 2023

“Housing associations can help to ensure that individuals have a safe and stable place to live.” So say CHI—the Centre for Homelessness Impact.

The statement came in a write-up about OHM’s project to house 15 adults with no recourse to public funds—NRPF.

Housing associations can help.

In the piece, OHM “pulled together partner organisations Aspire, Connection Support and Asylum Welcome.” Working with Soha Housing a project was developed to offer housing.

The Soha housing gave 12 people a new start in Oxford. The rooms are at a peppercorn rent. Homeless adults prevented from working or claiming benefits were the beneficiaries.

The longer aim is to house the full current NRPF cohort of 20 people, support them into onward housing and employment, and backfill housing spaces as they become available.

Soha, as a registered housing provider, cannot grant tenancies directly to people unable to claim UK benefits. To support the project with low-cost housing, Soha talked to Broadland Housing in Norfolk. A successful model was adapted, and 5 homes were leased to Aspire, a homelessness charity. The barrier was overcome.

From the article: "In joining this partnership, Soha also saw a crucial role in providing advocacy on behalf of people impacted by homelessness. For example, we talked to other housing associations about adopting policies that make it easier for homeless people to access housing and other resources.

By working with partnerships that provide support services to people experiencing homelessness, housing associations can help to ensure that individuals have a safe and stable place to live. This can help to improve the lives of people affected by homelessness and also help to reduce the social and personal costs associated with homelessness.‍"

Full article: CHI website

If you want to find out more about how to support those unable to access UK benefits as a housing provider, or you work for a housing association and you want to help people off the streets, we want to hear from you. Email


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