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Supported Housing (Connection Support)

Connection Support

Supported Housing (Connection Support): Provides shelter Provides shelter
Supported Housing (Connection Support): Provides guidance Provides guidance
Supported Housing (Connection Support): Doesn't provide new skill learning Doesn't provide new skill learning
Supported Housing (Connection Support): Accepts time Accepts time
Supported Housing (Connection Support): Doesn't accept things Doesn't accept things
Supported Housing (Connection Support): Accepts money Accepts money

Contact Details

Supported Housing (Connection Support) Address: 213 Barns Road, Cowley, Oxford - OX4 3UT
213 Barns Road, Cowley, Oxford
Supported Housing (Connection Support) Phone Number: 01865 711267
01865 711267

Service Type

Supported accommodation

Service Description

Connection Support is part of the Adult Homeless Pathway for those with a connection to Oxford.

We oversee 31 units in shared accommodation across the city, with floating support 9am - 5pm Monday-Friday and welfare checks at weekends.

The spaces are suitable for progression/move-on clients working towards independent living.

Connection Support is part of the Oxford Mental Health Partnership.

As an organisation Connection Support offer volunteering roles that support the provision of their services. To find out how to apply to volunteer, please click on the following link: Connection Support volunteering opportunities

Key functions & activities offered

  • one-to-one support with a named support worker
  • positive links with other agencies to enable wrap-around support for clients
  • a planning process to support move-on within six to nine months