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The Gatehouse Community Centre

The Gatehouse Community Centre: Doesn't provide shelter Doesn't provide shelter
The Gatehouse Community Centre: Provides guidance Provides guidance
The Gatehouse Community Centre: Doesn't provide new skill learning Doesn't provide new skill learning
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Contact Details

The Gatehouse Community Centre Address: St Giles, 10 Woodstock Road, Oxford  - OX2 6HT
St Giles, 10 Woodstock Road, Oxford
The Gatehouse Community Centre Phone Number: 01865 792999
01865 792999

Service Type

Day service

Operating Hours

5-7pm Mon - Fri, 4-6pm Sun

Eligibility & Referral

Drop in

Service Description

The Gatehouse community drop in centre offers a wide range of free support services for adults aged 18+ who are homeless, vulnerably housed, on low income and/or looking for company and community. The Gatehouse is a local independent charity that supports people using a non-judgemental and open access approach. 

You can access their services if you need immediate provisionfood, practical provision, referrals to other services, ongoing support to address life's barriers/challenges, to support wellbeing and mental health or/and if you are isolated and want a sense of community. The Gatehouse is largely volunteer led which offers a diverse community for everyone to be able to identify with someone at the project.  

Key functions & activities offered

The Gatehouse café offers:

  • A range of hot and cold food and drink six evenings a week.

  • Guest-led therapeutic and development workshops on varying nights of the week. 

  • Computer access during opening hours (above) Wednesday - Friday. 

  • The clothes donation store is available for guests during opening hours on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays (emergencies only from Wednesday to Friday).

  • The Shower Project is open first come, first served, Sundays 2.306.00pm (5 slots), Mondays 3.307.00pm (5 slots), Tuesdays 2-5.30pm (5 slots), Thursdays 3.30–6.15pm (4 slots—Women Only). Guests can book a space during cafe opening hours or by sending an email to or calling the office. The shower project is subject to change and availability.

    Sessions last 30 mins and towels and toiletries are supplied. You will be given an appointment
    card. Please arrive on time, but not early. If you have any physical ill health symptoms, please do not enter the Shower Project as it puts others at risk.

  • Casework (one to one support on a range of emotional and practical needs) operates every week day and you can book this support during cafe opening hours or email

  • A one to one counselling service to support people's wellbeing and mental health is also available for Guests. Ask one of the café team/casework team to refer you.

  • New: Women's Only Space meets Thursdays 3.30-5pm from October 5th, 2023, staff depending. Over 18s only. Showers, clothes, toiletries, hygiene products, caseworker, counsellor, safe space and social activities all offered.

  • Outside of the community centre hours the Gatehouse also offers:

    - The Lived Experience Advisory Forum