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RAW Workshop

RAW Workshop

RAW Workshop : Doesn't provide shelter Doesn't provide shelter
RAW Workshop : Doesn't provide guidance Doesn't provide guidance
RAW Workshop : Provides new skill learning Provides new skill learning
RAW Workshop : Doesn't accept time Doesn't accept time
RAW Workshop : Doesn't accept things Doesn't accept things
RAW Workshop : Doesn't accept money Doesn't accept money

Contact Details

RAW Workshop  Address: Dunnock Way, Oxford -  OX4 7EX
Dunnock Way, Oxford
RAW Workshop  Phone Number: 01865 714111
01865 714111

Service Type

Positive activities and help into employment

Operating Hours

8am-4pm, Mon-Thu, and 8am-3.30pm Fri

Service Description

  • RAW operates a large wood workshop, production facility, wood recycling service and retail outlet
  • they create a positive, thriving environment helping raise self-esteem, enhance confidence, end isolation, and create a powerful sense of belonging
  • 85% of their team have faced disadvantages and prejudice (mental health, addiction recovery, ex-offenders, military veterans, young people who have become disengaged, CAMHS, etc), and some are still battling these issues
  • their mantra is ‘be exceptional, not the exception’: if you’ve lived with or overcome disadvantage, you are, by definition, exceptional
  • their ambition is to promote self-enabled change and increased happiness, helping people re-set their compass and realise their significant core assets, supporting them towards whatever their version of ‘exceptional’ is

Key functions & activities offered

  • Positive daily activity
  • Skills training (wood work, manufacturing/production, customer service, logistics, office/admin, retail, stock control, deliveries/collections, and much more)
  • Employability skills and routes to employment
  • Health and Fitness sessions (on-site twice a week)
  • Social activities